Rose Hawthorne Pro-Chapter
Lay Fraternity of Saint Dominic

Province of Saint Joseph

Rosary Hill, Hawthorne, New York

Rosary Hill Nursing Home
     Saint Dominic was born at Calaruega, Spain in the year 1170.  He founded the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) in 1216.
St. Dominic give to the Church the Holy Rosary.  He had received it from the Blessed Virgin as a means of converting the Albigensians (and other sinners. He started The Confirturnity of the Most Holy Rosary, which is flurishing to this day.

To Become a Dominican, a Lay Dominican

To become a Dominican is to love study-to love study not merely for its own sake, but also for the benefits it brings to one’s soul and to one’s ability to reach others with the truth. If you are contemplating a Dominican fraternity vocation, perhaps it is because you love to read, study, think, and talk about truth. By no means, however, does this mean you are the “intellectual type.” You just love and want to learn.

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